CSSW.LONDON have worked on a wide range of projects which we're proud of.
If your project involves development below ground then you need a structural waterproofing specialist. BS8102 says so and your underwriter (whether that's NHBC, LABC or Premier Guarantee) will insist. Appointing CSSW.LONDON as your structural waterproofing specialist will save you time and money. CSSW.LONDON is a subsidiary of Property Care Consultants.

4 pitfalls to avoid when choosing a structural waterproofing specialist:

  1. Delay appointing someone. Put some basic detail in the design and expect the waterproofing design to be a construction design portion. Because waterproofing is so foundational (literally) this approach is bound to lead to difficulties; whereby good design options are ruled out until too late.
  2. Expect the architect or structural engineer to pick up structural waterproofing design. Whilst there's no question that these professionals are capable, in practice they aren't specialists and as a result bring different skill sets to the table. This can lead to over-design of waterproofing, over-reliance on manufacturer details and your underwriter is unlikely to accept them as a waterproofing specialist.
  3. Use a manufacturer as the structural waterproofing specialist. It is unavoidable that the manufacturer will be pushing design toward their products. This can lead away from best design and increase cost. Furthermore, they often avoid accepting liability for design.
  4. Appoint a waterproofing contractor within the design team. This can lock the waterproofing within the project into that contractor and prevent best value. Furthermore, many contractors' don't have suitably qualified personnel to meet the requirements of BS8102.
CSSW.LONDON are outstanding basement waterproofing consultants and we look forward to helping you with your project.