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As a chartered building consultancy CSSW.LONDON is well placed to provide contract administration services in relation to waterproofing.

With experience in dispute resolution in the niche environment of below ground waterproofing we are able to advise on contract terms which are most suitable for all parties concerned.

This service is valuable in regard to appointing a suitable specialist waterproofing contractor for basement waterproofing services.

In the repair of basement waterproofing appropriate contract administration is critical if a client and contractor are to resolve defects satisfactorally for all parties. This is particularly relevant in resin injection where the exact nature of the defect is often not known and therefore the volumes of materials and costs unknown. Authorising variations in scope and signing off on completed stages of works is best provided by an independent third party which is competent and experienced in this niche discipline.

Call CSSW.LONDON to discuss your needs further and obtain a fee proposal for contract administration services. 02076 458 4073