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CSSW.LONDON provides professional waterproofing design which is independent from any product manufacturer or installer. This allows us to work within the design team to develop the most suitable waterproofing scheme without our judgement being clouded by the desire to upsell or specify certain products.

Ben Hickman is our Technical Director and he has a wealth of experience in a wide variety of projects. Furthermore, he’s a Chartered Construction manager with a First Class Masters in Materials Science and Engineering. He understands the nature of water and materials extremely well and design input from him adds value.

Ben’s design input is informed by defect diagnosis and expert witness work and he always looks to design out risk of water damage.

Typically we sit within the design team and consult on waterproofing relating to basements. We follow the design rationale articulated in BS 8102 and start with looking through drawings available, SI’s etc. before putting together an initial report suggesting broad recommendations on the waterproofing requirements and how to meet these.

Our preference is to avoid specifying materials as we feel that the specialist installer should be at liberty to use whatever suitable products they feel most comfortable. After all, it’s the specialist installer who will guarantee the waterproofing works and the installers are the people with first hand experience of the range of products available. CSSW.LONDON would seek to provide appropriate Employer’s Responsibilities such that the tender of waterproofing works is only open to the right calibre of contractor.

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