New Logo

We’ve taken the plunge and just decided on a new logo!

Why? We’ve had the previous logo for five years now and in that time CSSW.LONDON has grown and changed, but our primary reason was to give our clients (and other stakeholders) a better abrieviation.

We’ve been finding that design teams tend to abrieviate CSSW.LONDON to just CSSW and we’ve been a little concerned that this could cause confusion.

CSSW is a qualification. Its short for Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing. Our name came simply from search engine optimisation and that has worked well for us; but we don’t want to cause any confusion with any stakeholders.

To avoid confusion we’ve settled on:


CLW Logo

We like the simplicity of CLW and the consistency with CSSW.LONDON. The legal entity (CSSW.LONDON LIMITED) remains the same and we’ll keep going with the same domain for now.

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