Waterproofing Wisdom – Episode 03 – Appoint a waterproofing specialist

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Welcome to this episode of “Waterproofing Wisdom” which discusses the appointment of a waterproofing designer.

This episode will be most relevant to developers and project managers but will also be relevant for those who regularly form part of a design team.

You can watch a 5 min video here or read the highlights below.

Waterproofing Wisdom

This past month we’ve done two design reviews and, on both projects, we discovered major flaws. The biggest cause of these failures, in our view, is the failure to appoint a waterproofing designer at the right time during the design development process (the beginning of RIBA Stage 3).

In one project a basement floor slab which needs to be waterproof has been specified as having induced cracks throughout (with no means to waterproof them). In the other a basement on a contaminated site has had inappropriate waterproofing materials specified.

When waterproofing designs come from someone who hasn’t been appointed this causes problems because:

  1. Clients and the design team don’t have recourse if the design is negligent.
  2. A waterproofing specialist without an appointment doesn’t have a proper opportunity to influence the design.
  3. A waterproofing specialist without an appointment is unlikely to have sufficient resources to develop a proper detailed design


Many of us have experience of basement waterproofing failures. They are expensive, cause delays and reputational damage. One of the best ways of avoiding such failures is the APPOINT a waterproofing specialist early during RIBA Stage 3 and recommended by BS 8102:2022.



Ben Hickman
Technical Director



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