Structural Waterproofing Design

The design of basement waterproofing is a key – but often overlooked – element in successful building design. Decisions about waterproofing made in the design stage can have wide-ranging impacts, including on spatial layout. If competent waterproofing design is not therefore included at an early enough stage, serious issues can develop as the project progresses.

The CLW advantage

  • Experts in basement waterproofing design
  • Robust, value-for-money solutions tailored to your project
  • Independent of any specific product catalogue

At CLW, our business is basement waterproofing design. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure a robust waterproofing solution for your project – from design through to construction. And as an independent consultancy, we are not limited to any specific products or solutions. We have no interest in upselling our materials. Our sole interest is in providing our clients with waterproofing solutions that give the necessary performance at the best value for money.

The CLW service

Although our experienced team can assist at any point in the construction process, our preference is to be appointed, by the client, within the design team, early in the design process. Ideally, this means we come onboard at the start of RIBA Stage 3 and assist in the development of a robust waterproofing solution for tender as part of a Contractors Designed Portion at RIBA Stage 4b. We would then remain client side in an advisory role.

RIBA and Beyond

Beyond the normal RIBA stages of work, we also offer design review services of third-party waterproofing designs and expert witness/dispute resolution services. 

Beyond Design Development

In addition to our preferred appointment within the design team, we consult in a variety of services.

Waterproofing Design Review

When a waterproofing design has been developed by others, but this design requires a level of vetting, CLW can help by providing waterproofing design review. Our waterproofing design review service gives you confidence in your existing designs – or helps to identify weaknesses and areas for further development. We gather and collate all pertinent information to evaluate third-party waterproofing designs against existing best practice and our own expertise and experiences.

How we operate within RIBA plan of works


Outline Design

RIBA Stage 3

Spatial Coordination

Waterproofing can and does have significant implications for the design, e.g., on gross internal areas, threshold levels and more. Without competent waterproofing design at RIBA Stage 3, serious issues can develop later in the process that can be much more difficult and time-consuming to correct.

Detail Design

RIBA Stage 4a

Technical Design

Waterproofing detailed design requires coordination with other disciplines. With our knowledge and experience, we are quick to understand the relevant issues, able to clearly communicate them to relevant stakeholders, and to work collaboratively with others to solve them. Our BIM2 capabilities allow us to work in Revit and Navisworks and extract section details in order to identify issues and provide solutions. We also offer clear, easy-to-understand waterproofing performance specification documents that help ensure you buy what you need.

Procurement Advice

RIBA Stage 4b

Client Side Advice

Our experience and standing enables us to give proper consideration to value engineering and alternative waterproofing proposals. We are also well placed to scrutinise the value propositions of various warranties and insurance offerings.
RIBA 5+6

Client Side Advisor

RIBA Stage 5-6

Manufacturing & Construction

During construction further waterproofing design development is likely to occur. We are able to vet design tweaks and ensure that waterproofing remains in line with the broader strategies developed. We then continue to add value through assessment of guarantees and other handover information.


In Use Advice

RIBA Stage 7

Technical Design

RIBA Stage 7 covers the building in use. We can advise on waterproofing performance in many circumstances, including defect investigation, dispute resolution and condition surveys.

Dispute Resolution Services

CLW complete a lot of expert witness work in relation to waterproofing. We also assist in various alternative dispute resolution routes, including Expert Determination.

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