Basement Waterproofing Survey

When investing considerable sums in property with basement elements, it is strongly recommended that trained and competent professionals complete a thorough basement waterproofing survey & appraisal of the existing structural waterproofing system.

Why do I need a basement waterproofing survey? How do I quantify the risk of buying this property? Is there a chance I will need to undertake significant, disruptive work? When will that work be required? Has that work been done properly? Is that guarantee worth any peace of mind? These questions, and more, are appropriate when investing significant sums is an asset that is below ground and fundamentally at higher risk of water damage than other buildings. CLW give impartial advice to help understand the risks.

Pre-purchase Survey

Basements can provide extremely valuable accommodation; however, should waterproofing fail, the consequential loss, and the cost of rectifying the situation, can be enormous.

We can assess the existing basement’s performance and review the available documentation to ensure that guarantees are properly transferred and meaningful. We also work with reputable basement pump maintenance providers to ensure thorough checks are completed and that vital systems are properly maintained.

Please note: our pre-purchase surveys are typically only requested on properties valued in excess of £5m.

Commercial properties incorporating significant below ground assets ought to attract appropriate expertise to advise on the risks. Too often we see changes in ownership where investors aren’t properly advised on the risks associated with waterproofing. This can lead to fairly minor changes in finishes to walls and floors causing obvious dampness issues to arise. This is the sort of event that can cause landlord/tenant conflicts which result in disputes. CLW can give expert advise which reduces the risks of such disputes.  

Dispute Resolution

When property purchases go wrong, we may be well placed to provide an independent expert opinion on the causes and required remedies. We may also be appropriate in delivering Expert Determination for a cost effective and rapid resolution of disputes. 

Trained and assessed by the Academy of Experts, our Technical Director, Ben Hickman, is an experienced and credible authority in determining various waterproofing issues.


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