Cottrell House

A 66 apartment development incorporating a basement car park with gym beneath. Client: Jaysam Waterproofing System: Type A (external bentonite

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Fulham Reach

Car parking extending beyond superstructure between residential apartment blocks. Client: St George Developments Waterproofing system: External Type A barriers Image

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Isopad House

New build 150 apartment development incorporating a large basement car park. Client: Jaysam Waterproofing system: Type B (water-tight concrete) Type

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College Lane

College Ln is a gated development of 40 homes encompassing numerous waterproofing details. The whole site is lower than surrounding

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Oxygen Towers

Waterproofing consultancy in the design team. Client: Russells Construction Waterproofing systems: Type A barrier (also a ground gas barrier) Type

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